5 Threats Our Mother Ocean Is Currently Facing

Our mother ocean is the biggest habitat for life on earth.

It has a vital role in keeping our planet healthy but it is facing a lot of ever-growing threats.

In this article, we will be taking a look at the 5 biggest threats to our oceans and what we can do about them.

1. Overfishing

This can be simply stated as catching too many fish for the ocean to support. We are depleting the number of fish in our oceans and populations can’t recover on time.

Over-fishing our ocean

Humans are not content with catching fish close to the shore, so we have gone further and exhausted species that might soon go extinct. Industry and greed are the culprits here and far too many of these fish are wasted.

2. Climate Change

Everyone knows about it by now and it’s affecting the ocean severely.

In 2013, it was reported that temperature in the ocean rose by more than 0.1 degree Celsius each decade between 1970 and 2010. The warming of the ocean is causing some habitats to die, other species to relocate to new areas ,and the sea level to rise.

3. Ocean Acidification

This happens because of excessive CO2 dissolving in the sea forming carbonic acid.

Acidification damages many ocean species that use calcium carbonate to form their skeletons and shells. Ocean acidification also affects the whole ecosystem like the coral reef which is dependent on the formation of calcium carbonate to build reef structures which in turn provide homes for other organisms.

4. Pollution

Environmental enemy number one, pollution can DESTROY marine life and damage the marine environment.

A large quantity of waste is thrown into the ocean including plastics, oil, sewage, sediments and toxins. This can create dead ocean zones where sea dwelling organisms are suffocated due to low oxygen in the water. The biggest dead zone can be found in the Gulf of Mexico, ‘coincidentally’ the site of much oil drilling.

5. Habitat Loss

Habitat loss happens when a natural area is taken over by humans for their own use.

Pollution soon follows, causing the death of coral reefs, destroying the ecosystem and depleting the populations on living organisms.

Coastal development, trawling, and aquaculture are some of the most common human activities that devastate marine habitats which are essential to keeping the ocean healthy.

However, there is hope!

Although we may feel that we cannot do anything or can only do so little to help save our mother ocean, let’s just keep in mind that it doesn’t take much to turn the tide and it only takes one positive step to encourage the change that we want.


Let us start by sharing and talking about this with other people.

Being efficient in our energy usage and waste disposal can also make a big difference in conserving our ocean.

Lowering our carbon emissions will help slow down the warming and acidification of our oceans, too.

Knowing where the fish we eat are from and if they’re from sustainable sources is also one way in reducing overfishing.

A small change in our lifestyle can actually make a big difference. If everyone makes a small change, that leads to a massive change!

It’s not too late to save our mother ocean. Knowledge is power. Empower your friends and people you know by sharing this article today.

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