Our Mission

At Our Mother Ocean, we’re a team of writers dedicated to celebrating the marvel that is our ocean.

We aim to educate, inspire, and raise awareness about the earth’s ocean, which we refer to as our mother ocean, and leave our readers feeling they know a little bit more about and care a little bit more for the future of our ocean than they did when they first visited the site.

Our mission is driven by a simple emotion: the survival instinct. If our ocean perishes, so does humanity, for everything on this earth is connected to our mother ocean, and if she falls into ill health, so shall we.

We aren’t hardcore environmentalists, the kind you see out smashing cars, blowing up labs and picketing conventions. We’re just a team of people who care and who want to use the power of the written word to create positive change for the ocean.

We hope you enjoy our writing and join us in our quest to reverse the damage done and restore our ocean to health. It truly is a marvel worth saving, as you’ll see when you explore the site.

Thanks for visiting us and welcome to Our Mother Ocean.